I provide a variety of editing services, from copy-editing and light checking over to more in-depth development and structural reworking.

My main focus is on academic writing, but I can help with any sort of project, large or small.

I’ve worked on dissertations and academic papers from an award-winning book in Social Anthropology to a PhD Thesis in Zoology, and all sorts in between.

Specialities include:

  • Dissertations / theses of all levels
  • Book and article manuscripts
  • Grant applications

In addition to two decades of editing experience, I have taught academic writing at the university level in the United States as well as at the National University of Mongolia.


My rates are by the hour, and are based on those suggested by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders:

Proofreading     £25.00

Copy-editing      £30

Substantial editing, rewriting, development editing         £40

Why by the hour and not word count? It’s relatively straightforward: In my experience, word count is a bad predictor of the amount of work a piece needs. I’ve worked on very short pieces that I could read, edit, and provide feedback on in about half an hour. I’ve also worked on pieces of the same length that took three times that long.

I’d suggest you contact me and we can arrange to look over a sample to see how long I think it will take.

If you need a rough estimate before then: Most websites and fora suggest a basic rate of 1000 words / hour.  I tend to work quicker than that, so let’s call it 1500 words / hour.  If the manuscript is in good shape, it should be even quicker.  If it’s very rough, it will take longer.